At Making a Difference Childcare, we offer a unique approach to early learning in the Northern Beaches area. Our centres are more than just daycare facilities; they are nurturing environments where high-quality care meets thoughtful and innovative early learning development.

A Modern Approach to Early Childhood Education

At Making a Difference Early Learning Centres we’re committed to making childhood a time of joy and laughter. More than just a childcare, we offer a safe, fun, and engaging environment for real learning. Our educators continuously improve their skills, ensuring we always offer innovative and personalised ways to foster each child’s love for learning. By focusing on play and discovery, we nurture not just care but the growth and curiosity of every child in our welcoming community.

Building a Community

At Making A Difference Childcare, we pride ourselves on being a community-centric facility, closely integrated with the Beacon Hill, Frenchs Forest, and Narraweena neighbourhoods. Our convenient locations, adjacent to local public schools, foster strong connections and smooth transitions for our preschoolers to primary education. We warmly invite new families to engage with our dedicated educators and connect with our vibrant parent community, reinforcing our role not just as a childcare provider, but as an integral part of the local community.

Small Group Sizes and Big Hearts

Our centres are considered a boutique size, and that’s just the way we like it. We strongly believe the attention and care we can provide for your child can’t be matched by the bigger centres. We want children to have the attention they deserve, and that’s why we love our Making a Difference family!

Our small group sizes also allows us to do plenty of things the more corporate centres can’t, and we know your child will benefit from the love, care and attention we provide.

Healthy, Nutritious Meals

At Making A Difference Narraweena and Beacon Hill, we have our very own chef on site to prepare healthy, nutritious meals. At Frenchs Forest, meals are fully catered – and we ensure that children are being provided with only the best!

Parents are often surprised at some of the meals their children will eat at childcare, but not at home. It’s not uncommon for us to provide recipes for parents if their child has particularly enjoyed something they’ve eaten with us. It’s all part of the family culture we’ve created.

Orientation Made Easy

Our priority is that you and your child get to see our centre when and how it suits you. Unlike the larger child care brands, orientation is very much an open-door policy with us. We love being able to facilitate tours at times there are activities related to your Child’s interests. If they love food then join us for lunch. If they love sports, then come have a hit of tennis with us. If you’d like to bring your child to spend an hour exploring and looking around, you’re more than welcome! We love that we can show parents and kids how our centres really work, at any time of day!

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Preschool and School Readiness Programs

At Making A Difference Early Learning Centres, our school readiness program emphasises play-based learning, where children are actively encouraged to explore and engage with the world around them. Our guided play-based activities are not only fun and engaging but also designed to nurture children’s natural curiosity. This approach helps them flourish in new environments and develop crucial social and emotional skills, preparing them seamlessly for their next educational journey into ‘big school’.

Fine motor skills (holding pencils and crayons correctly)

Social and emotional skills

Adapting to new environments

Concentration and focus

Communication and sharing

Basic literacy and numeracy

Self control and understanding emotions

Problem solving skills

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